Electronic Frontier Foundation

At EFF I've done a bit of engineering and design. I'll document some of it here soon.


Barlow is a libre, open source typeface I am currently developing. It's named after activist, co-founding EFF internet pioneer, and songwriter John Perry Barlow.


Ricochet is the most private way to communicate over the Internet (no metadata!) out of the box; you don't have to know anything about the underlying tech (Tor routing!) for it to work. I have been working on a new UI and user experience.


While working at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, I designed and developed the website for Certbot, EFF's cli tool for Let's Encrypt SSL certificate management.

Chefs Feed

I was head of interactive at Chefs Feed, a food media company in SF that I helped raise a series A with.


Turner is a front-end prototyping framework I built for EFF.


I was a senior UX/UI designer and front-end dev at Edupath, where we made an SAT prep app and gave away tutoring to kids in Richmond. I built most of the user-facing stuff. Product design, branding, type design, web design, front-end engineering -- for a dashboard to the app as well.


I ran a VPN company for a while. Full stack.

A Raga Called Jack

Print design for a class I taught at UC Berkeley: