NBC Universal commissioned a DIN-like font family called Arthouse Owned.

The font carries the free Open Font License (OFL) thanks to Google Fonts for supporting the open-sourcing of the font on which Arthouse Owned is based, a 54-style family called Barlow.

Arthouse Owned is itself available in 25 styles (includeing a new extended width). It features many improvements, changes, and additions to Barlow.

It was my great fortune that the project was overseen by and largely a collaboration with Bruce Fallini, NBC Design Standards Manager. We went through many, many rounds of visual, technical, and philosophical revisions. The font was kerned and spaced by Igino Marini, whose theory on letter-fitting is worth a read! The font went live on air in Q4 2019, and can be seen on your local NBC affiliate station.

Thanks to the open-source nature of Arthouse Owned, many of the "improvements" (versus, say, stylistic differences) will make it back into Barlow -- the kerning already has. Big companies like NBC and Google supporting open source fonts is a really awesome thing.